New Guides Transitions Views Lazyload

In case you missed it, four new UI-Router guides have been published this summer.


This guide provides information about how UI-Router handles views, including:

  • Views (for a state)
  • UI-Views (viewports)
  • Nested views
  • Multiple named views
  • View targeting


This guide describes how UI-Router transitions between application states. It explains concepts such as:

  • What a Transition is
  • Transition lifecycle events
  • To and from states
  • Entered and exited states
  • Nested states
  • Atomic transition behavior

Transition Hooks

Transition Hooks are a very powerful feature allowing you to hook into transition lifecycle events: This guide explains how to:

  • Perform asynchronous actions during a transition
  • Redirect or abort transitions
  • Choose which transitions to hook into

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading allows an application to be split into smaller chunks. This can drastically reduce the initial bundle size, allowing apps to load and bootstrap much faster. This guide explains:

  • General purpose lazy loading capability of UI-Router
  • Module lazy loading
  • Future States
  • Framework specific approaches


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