Uirouter For Angularjs Umd Bundles

This post describes how UMD bundles have changed with UI-Router 1.0 for AngularJS.

UI-Router Core

The angular-ui-router has been the defacto standard for routing in AngularJS. However, over the years UI-Router has undergone some significant transformations.

The core of the library has been refactored into its own library, @uirouter/core. This core library has been used to create new routers for React, It’s Just Angular (2.x+), Polymer, and even Backbone/Marionette.

Plugins and UMD bundles

Previously, UI-Router was a single bundle: angular-ui-router.js.

During the UI-Router for AngularJS 1.0 release, we split the code into two bundles:

  • ui-router-core.js: the core of UI-Router (State machine, etc)
  • ui-router-angularjs.js: the AngularJS bits ($location, ui-sref directives, etc)

Users who formerly included only angular-ui-router.js should now include both bundles.

This change was necessary to properly support dependencies to @uirouter/core. This enables (for example) router plugins which work with the framework-agnostic ui-router-core.js.

Note: we also renamed our NPM packages to scoped package names.


If you formerly used angular-ui-router.js, e.g.: js <script src="node_modules/angular-ui-router/release/angular-ui-router.js"></script> js

Instead, use both new bundles from the scoped packages. Include ui-router-core before including ui-router-angularjs: js <script src="node_modules/@uirouter/core/_bundles/ui-router-core.js"></script> <script src="node_modules/@uirouter/angularjs/release/ui-router-angularjs.js"></script> js

Ensure the version of @uirouter/core matches the dependency in @uirouter/angularjs.

Backward compatible mono-bundle

For backwards compatibility, we will continue to publish a monolithic bundle as angular-ui-router.js. This bundle includes both the core and angularjs code. Existing users who rely on the angular-ui-router.js bundle do not have to change anything. However, this bundle is not compatible with UI-Router plugins which depend on @uirouter/core.

Webpack users

Users of webpack (or any bundlers which use node module resolution) should not need to make any changes due to these bundle changes. Simply require or import from the scoped package @uirouter/angularjs instead of from angular-ui-router.


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