Uirouter Scoped Packages

Scoped NPM packages

In March of 2017, NPM started offering free orgs (Thanks, npm loves you, we love you too!)

We’re taking advantage of the free org feature to publish scoped packages. We created the @uirouter org and are in the process of moving all our published packages to scoped pakages.

How to use scoped packages

In your package.json, simply replace the old npm package with the scoped @uirouter package. For example, if you currently depend on angular-ui-router and ui-router-visualizer:

  "dependencies": {
    "angular-ui-router": "latest",
    "ui-router-visualizer": "latest",

replace the package name with the scoped @uirouter package:

  "dependencies": {
    "@uirouter/angularjs": "latest",
    "@uirouter/visualizer": "latest",

Old and new (scoped) package names

This table shows the previous npm package names, and the new scoped package names

Package Old package Scoped package
UI-Router for AngularJS (1.x) angular-ui-router @uirouter/angularjs
UI-Router for Angular (2.x and higher) ui-router-ng2 @uirouter/angular
UI-Router for React ui-router-react @uirouter/react
UI-Router Visualizer ui-router-visualizer @uirouter/visualizer
UI-Router Core ui-router-core @uirouter/core
UI-Router Reactive Extensions ui-router-rx @uirouter/rx
UI-Router ng1-to-ng2 (hybrid support) ui-router-ng1-to-ng2 @uirouter/angular-hybrid
Sticky States plugin ui-router-sticky-states @uirouter/sticky-states


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