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Interface ResolvableLiteral

A plain object used to describe a Resolvable

These objects may be used in the StateDeclaration.resolve array to declare async data that the state or substates require.


var state = {
  name: 'main',
  resolve: [
    { token: 'myData', deps: [MyDataApi], resolveFn: (myDataApi) => myDataApi.getData() },


  • ResolvableLiteral

Implemented by



data: any

Pre-resolved data.

Pre-resolved data.

deps: any[]

The Dependency Injection tokens

The Dependency Injection tokens

This is an array of Dependency Injection tokens for the dependencies of the resolveFn.

The DI tokens are references to other Resolvables, or to other services from the native DI system.

policy: ResolvePolicy

Defines the Resolve Policy

Defines the Resolve Policy

A policy that defines when to invoke the resolve, and whether to wait for async and unwrap the data

resolveFn: Function

A function which fetches the Resolvable's data

A function which fetches the Resolvable's data

A function which returns one of:

  • The resolved value (synchronously)
  • A promise for the resolved value
  • An Observable of the resolved value(s)

This function will be provided the dependencies listed in deps as its arguments. The resolve system will asynchronously fetch the dependencies before invoking this function.

token: any

A Dependency Injection token

A Dependency Injection token

This Resolvable's DI token. The Resolvable will be injectable elsewhere using the token.

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