UI Router for Angular 1

The de-facto solution to flexible routing in angular 1

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Angular UI-Router is a client-side Single Page Application routing framework for AngularJS.

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API Documentation Organization

The documentation is arranged according to API concern, such as url, resolve, and core. For a list of services and objects that can be injectable, see the injectables section.

By default, only the public UI-Router API is shown. To view both public API and the internal APIs, check the "Internal UI-Router API" checkbox.


UI-Router is written in Typescript. The API documentation is generated using TypeDoc. The documentation reflects the Typescript classes, interfaces, and parameter types information embedded in the source code.


Angular UI-Router depends on the framework agnostic @uirouter/core. To contribute to the documentation, please submit a PR to either @uirouter/angularjs or @uirouter/core. To find where a specific piece of documentation is written, follow the links that say:

Defined in ui-router/somedir/somefile.ts

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