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Contains code related to managing the URL

The primary API is found in UrlService, UrlService.config, and UrlService.rules.


Type aliases

UrlRuleType: "STATE" | "URLMATCHER" | "REGEXP" | "RAW" | "OTHER"


defaultRuleSortFn: function

Default rule priority sorting function.

Default rule priority sorting function.

Sorts rules by:

  • Explicit priority (set rule priority using UrlRules.when)
  • Rule type (STATE: 4, URLMATCHER: 4, REGEXP: 3, RAW: 2, OTHER: 1)
  • UrlMatcher specificity (UrlMatcher.compare): works for STATE and URLMATCHER types to pick the most specific rule.
  • Rule registration order (for rule types other than STATE and URLMATCHER)
    • Equally sorted State and UrlMatcher rules will each match the URL. Then, the best match is chosen based on how many parameter values were matched.

Type declaration

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