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Class Resolvable

The basic building block for the resolve system.

Resolvables encapsulate a state's resolve's resolveFn, the resolveFn's declared dependencies, the wrapped (.promise), and the unwrapped-when-complete (.data) result of the resolveFn.

Resolvable.get() either retrieves the Resolvable's existing promise, or else invokes resolve() (which invokes the resolveFn) and returns the resulting promise.

Resolvable.get() and Resolvable.resolve() both execute within a context path, which is passed as the first parameter to those fns.


  • Resolvable




  • This constructor creates a Resolvable copy


    Returns Resolvable

  • This constructor creates a new Resolvable from the plain old ResolvableLiteral javascript object


    Returns Resolvable

  • This constructor creates a new Resolvable

    var resolvable1 = new Resolvable('mytoken', http => http.get('foo.json').toPromise(), [Http]);
    var resolvable2 = new Resolvable(UserService, dep => new UserService(, [SomeDependency]);
    var resolvable1Clone = new Resolvable(resolvable1);


    • token: any

      The new resolvable's injection token, such as "userList" (a string) or UserService (a class). When this token is used during injection, the resolved value will be injected.

    • resolveFn: Function

      The function that returns the resolved value, or a promise for the resolved value

    • deps Optional: any[]

      An array of dependencies, which will be injected into the resolveFn

    • policy Optional: ResolvePolicy

      the ResolvePolicy defines when and how the Resolvable is processed

    • data Optional: any

      Pre-resolved data. If the resolve value is already known, it may be provided here.

    Returns Resolvable


data: any
deps: any[]
promise: Promise<any>
resolveFn: Function
resolved: boolean
token: any


  • Gets a promise for this Resolvable's data.

    Fetches the data and returns a promise. Returns the existing promise if it has already been fetched once.


    Returns Promise<any>

  • resolve(resolveContext: ResolveContext, trans?: Transition): Promise<any>
  • Asynchronously resolve this Resolvable's data

  • Asynchronously resolve this Resolvable's data

    Given a ResolveContext that this Resolvable is found in: Wait for this Resolvable's dependencies, then invoke this Resolvable's function and update the Resolvable's state


    Returns Promise<any>

  • toString(): string

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