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This class returns applicable TransitionHooks for a specific Transition instance.

Hooks (RegisteredHook) may be registered globally, e.g., $transitions.onEnter(...), or locally, e.g. myTransition.onEnter(...). The HookBuilder finds matching RegisteredHooks (where the match criteria is determined by the type of hook)

The HookBuilder also converts RegisteredHooks objects to TransitionHook objects, which are used to run a Transition.

The HookBuilder constructor is given the $transitions service and a Transition instance. Thus, a HookBuilder instance may only be used for one specific Transition object. (side note: the _treeChanges accessor is private in the Transition class, so we must also provide the Transition's _treeChanges)


  • HookBuilder




transition: Transition


  • buildHooks(hookType: TransitionEventType): TransitionHook[]
  • Returns an array of newly built TransitionHook objects.

  • Returns an array of newly built TransitionHook objects.

    • Finds all RegisteredHooks registered for the given hookType which matched the transition's TreeChanges.
    • Finds PathNode (or PathNode[]) to use as the TransitionHook context(s)
    • For each of the PathNodes, creates a TransitionHook


    • hookType TransitionEventType

      the type of the hook registration function, e.g., 'onEnter', 'onFinish'.

    Returns TransitionHook[]

  • getMatchingHooks(hookType: TransitionEventType, treeChanges: TreeChanges): RegisteredHook[]
  • Finds all RegisteredHooks from:

    • The Transition object instance hook registry
    • The TransitionService ($transitions) global hook registry

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