UI Router for React

State based routing for React

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Angular UI-Router is a client-side Single Page Application routing framework for AngularJS.

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API Documentation Organization

The documentation is arranged according to API concern, such as components, url, resolve, and core. By default, only the public API is shown. To view both public API and the internal APIs, check the "Internal UI-Router API" checkbox.


UI-Router is written in Typescript. The API documentation is generated using TypeDoc. The documentation reflects the Typescript classes, interfaces, and parameter types information embedded in the source code.


UI-Router React depends on the framework agnostic ui-router-core. To contribute to the documentation, please submit a PR to either ui-router-react or ui-router-core. To find where a specific piece of API documentation is written, follow the links that say:

Defined in ui-router/somedir/somefile.ts

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