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Module react

UI-Router for React relies heavily on @uirouter/core. The following APIs are extensions to the core ui-router APIs, specific to @uirouter/react.



id: number = 0


  • reactViewsBuilder(state: StateObject): object
  • This is a StateBuilder.builder function for react views.

  • This is a StateBuilder.builder function for react views.

    When the StateBuilder builds a [[State]] object from a raw StateDeclaration, this builder handles the views property with logic specific to ui-router-react.

    If no views: {} property exists on the StateDeclaration, then it creates the views object and applies the state-level configuration to a view named $default.


    • state StateObject

    Returns object

  • React View Config Factory

    Given a path and a ReactViewDeclaration (the view declaration object found on the state declaration), returns a ReactViewConfig

    The ReactViewConfig is an instance of a view, which will be provided to the matching UIView Component's [[UIView.viewConfigUpdated]] function.


    Returns ReactViewConfig

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