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The TransitionOptions object can be used to change the behavior of a transition.

It is passed as the third argument to StateService.go, StateService.transitionTo. It can also be used with a uiSref.


  • TransitionOptions



Optional custom

custom: any

You can define your own Transition Options inside this property and use them, e.g., from a Transition Hook

Optional inherit

inherit: boolean

This option sets whether or not the transition's parameter values should be inherited from the current parameter values.

  • If true, it will inherit parameter values from the current parameter values.
  • If false, only the parameters which are provided to transitionTo will be used.


Optional location

location: boolean | "replace"

This option changes how the Transition interacts with the browser's location bar (URL).

  • If true, it will update the url in the location bar.
  • If false, it will not update the url in the location bar.
  • If it is the string "replace", it will update the url and also replace the last history record.


Optional notify

notify: boolean

Optional relative

relative: string | StateDeclaration | StateObject

When transitioning to relative path (e.g '^'), this option defines which state to be relative from.



Optional reload

reload: boolean | string | StateDeclaration | StateObject

This option may be used to force states which are currently active to reload.

During a normal transition, a state is "retained" if:

  • It was previously active
  • The state's parameter values have not changed
  • All the parent states' parameter values have not changed

Forcing a reload of a state will cause it to be exited and entered, which will:

  • Refetch that state's resolve data

  • Exit the state (onExit hook)

  • Re-enter the state (onEnter hook)

  • Re-render the views (controllers and templates)

  • When true, the destination state (and all parent states) will be reloaded.

  • When it is a string and is the name of a state, or when it is a State object, that state and any children states will be reloaded.



Optional supercede

supercede: boolean

This option may be used to cancel the active transition (if one is active) in favour of the this one. This is the default behaviour or ui-router.

  • When true, the active transition will be canceled and new transition will begin.
  • when false, the transition will be canceled if a transition is already running. This can be useful in cases where you only want to navigate to a different state if you are not already navigating somewhere.


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