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Base interface for declaring a view

This interface defines the basic data that a normalized view declaration will have on it. Each implementation of UI-Router (for a specific framework) should define its own extension of this interface. Add any additional fields that the framework requires to that interface.




Optional $context

$context: ViewContext

The context that this view is declared within.

Optional $name

$name: string

The raw name for the view declaration, i.e., the StateDeclaration.views property name.

Optional $type

$type: string

A type identifier for the View

This is used when loading prerequisites for the view, before it enters the DOM. Different types of views may load differently (e.g., templateProvider+controllerProvider vs component class)

Optional $uiViewContextAnchor

$uiViewContextAnchor: string

The normalized context anchor (state name) for the uiViewName

When targeting a ui-view, the uiViewName address is anchored to a context name (state name).

Optional $uiViewName

$uiViewName: string

The normalized address for the ui-view which this ViewConfig targets.

A ViewConfig targets a ui-view in the DOM (relative to the uiViewContextAnchor) which has a specific name.


header or $default

The uiViewName can also target a nested view by providing a dot-notation address


foo.bar or foo.$default.bar

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