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  • RegisteredHook




_deregistered: boolean = false
bind: any
callback: HookFn
invokeCount: number = 0
invokeLimit: number
matchCriteria: HookMatchCriteria
priority: number
removeHookFromRegistry: function

Type declaration


  • _getDefaultMatchCriteria(): HookMatchCriteria
  • Gets the default match criteria (all true)

  • Gets the default match criteria (all true)

    Returns an object which has all the criteria match paths as keys and true as values, i.e.:

      to: true,
      from: true,
      entering: true,
      exiting: true,
      retained: true,

  • Gets matching nodes as IMatchingNodes

    Create a IMatchingNodes object from the TransitionHookTypes that is roughly equivalent to:

    let matches: IMatchingNodes = {
      to:       _matchingNodes([tail(],,
      from:     _matchingNodes([tail(treeChanges.from)], mc.from),
      exiting:  _matchingNodes(treeChanges.exiting,      mc.exiting),
      retained: _matchingNodes(treeChanges.retained,     mc.retained),
      entering: _matchingNodes(treeChanges.entering,     mc.entering),


    Returns IMatchingNodes

  • Gets the matching PathNodes

    Given an array of PathNodes, and a HookMatchCriterion, returns an array containing the PathNodes that the criteria matches, or null if there were no matching nodes.

    Returning null is significant to distinguish between the default "match-all criterion value" of true compared to a () => true function, when the nodes is an empty array.

    This is useful to allow a transition match criteria of entering: true to still match a transition, even when entering === []. Contrast that with entering: (state) => true which only matches when a state is actually being entered.


    Returns PathNode[]

  • deregister(): void
  • Returns void

  • Determines if this hook's matchCriteria match the given TreeChanges


    Returns IMatchingNodes


    an IMatchingNodes object, or null. If an IMatchingNodes object is returned, its values are the matching PathNodes for each HookMatchCriterion (to, from, exiting, retained, entering)

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